Sunday, December 04, 2005


Artist / Band: BAUMER
Song (MP3): HOW THE WEST 1
File Under: Indie Pop / Power Pop
Label: Astro Magnetics
Info: Baumer’s story begins late ‘03 in Columbia, SC with guitarist Kenny McWilliams, who was working in his garage-studio on a low-key solo project. McWilliams invited Nate Boykin down to his studio to try out some vocals over his project; the results were favorable and the two soon began collaborating and recording demos. However, what started as mellow acoustic guitars and lounge beats morphed into upbeat, dance-able rock. The more McWilliams and Boykin worked together, the more they began surprising themselves. “It wasn’t like anything we had done before,” says Boykin. “We didn’t really limit ourselves and we didn’t really have an agenda.” read more from the source...

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