Monday, November 07, 2005


Artist / Band: ROGUE WAVE
Album: Descended Like Vultures
File Under: Indie Pop, Post Wave
Label: Sub Pop
Info: This is where Rogue Wave, the band, really gets started. As Oakland-based singer/songwriter/arranger Zach Rogue puts it, "this record is the sound of four people's ideas colliding." Descended Like Vultures, Rogue Wave's second full-length for Sub Pop, is a velvety, darkly dichotomous album: pop vs. despair; hope vs. realism. Whereas Rogue's '04 release, Out of the Shadow, was for all intents and purposes a solo project, Descended Like Vultures finds Zach Rogue's unapologetic hooks and soaring melodies built up skyscraper-high by bandmates and mulit-instrumentalists Pat Spurgeon, Gram LeBron and Evan Farrell, who have grown close and road-seasoned thanks to a year of intensive international touring with The Shins, The Helio Sequence, TV on the Radio, and Mates of State. read more from the source...

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