Friday, November 18, 2005


Artist / Band: MARTHA BERNER
Songs (MP3): MARY LATELY / Lady of Plenty / GOOD COMPANY
Album: ...this side of yesterday
File Under: indie folk-rock
Label: Machine Records
Info: Ever since the cover art of the twelve-inch vinyl album has been shrunk down to a tiny, square CD cover that can fit into the palm of your hand, album art hasn't seemed as important in the whole creative package as it once did before. But, oddly enough, one of the first things that becomes immediately apparent after listening to Chicago-based Martha Berner's lush full-length debut ...this side of yesterday, is how well the cover art represents this enchanting collection of beautifully performed and arranged numbers. The warm orange and red hues on the cover not only mirror the warmth and heart that beats so strongly throughout these ten tracks, but the ornate Victorian border accents also tie in with a similar age-old beauty buried deep within these acoustic-driven numbers. Even the photo of Martha herself - a slightly fuzzy image of her bundled in a coat, scarf and hat with her eyes closed as if in deep contemplation or even a trance - immediately lends comparisons to the many thought-provoking, introspective and, at times, even haunting compositions represented here. read more from the source...

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