Monday, November 14, 2005


Artist / Band: THE JOGGERS
Album: With a Cape and a Cane
File Under: Indie
Label: Startime Records
Info: If you get started talking about the Joggers it takes along time. So you either have to keep it short or dig in. So, the following is short bio and a lengthier, more revealing, interview. All questions will be answered in both — depending on your interest. After receiving glowing praise across the board for 2003's "Solid Guild" StarTime debut, including the dominant Rolling Stone, the hipster Filter, the indie Stop Smiling, as well as The Washington Post and touring with the likes of the Hot Hot Heat, Weird War, Ted Leo, and label mates the French Kicks, the Joggers needed a break, not just a breather. Lead singer Ben Whitesides found himself on stage singing, but no words came out — a complete breakdown ensued later that evening. So the band shipped him up to his parents place in New England and returned to Portland feeling tentative about their future. The next few months were spent both with grappling with those issues and casting them away. read more from the source...

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