Sunday, November 20, 2005


Artist / Band: BLOOD ON THE WALL
Album: Awesomer
File Under: Grimy Rock
Label: the social registry
Info: If you miss the nineties -- not the Spice Girls, 90210 nineties, but the Golden Age of grimy rock -- Blood on the Wall is the band for you. Think Pavement, The Pixies and Sonic Youth, but with a meaner edge -- drunken destruction parlayed into heavy pop hooks and a dark, lived-in sound. Awesomer was written by brother and sister Brad and Courtney Shanks, who play guitar and bass, respectively; Miggy from Ida handles the drums, and Nicholas Vernhes (Fiery Furnaces, Black Dice, Silver Jews) produced. Brad and Courtney take turns at the mic -- Brad sounds eerily like a young Frank Black and Courtney plays at being bored. The juxtaposition of their respective vocal styles makes for a seductive push-pull.
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