Monday, October 31, 2005


Artist / Band: SPYRITUAL
Song (MP3): Silence
Album: Wall of soul
File Under: Nu Jazz
Label: Kitty-yo
Info: Yes, they're from the north, from some beautiful and contrasting place where you find the common legend that people don't talk much, but mostly keep to themselves. Like learning a new language. This one sounds finish. Juha Tuukkanen and Terhi Koivisto both met in Helsinki and gathered their experience, influences and musical ideas. The boy who discovered making electronic at the age of 12, always collaborating and networking with the northern electronic scene and releasing various records throughout Europe. The girl from small Kokkola town who was awaken to the existence of music while listening to her mum play and sing tender songs to her in the long winter nights. When Juha and Terhi finally decided to work together the idea of a rather organic music started to develop and Spyritual was given a human voice. read more from the source...


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