Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Titel: Elektronavtebi (Electronauts)
Writer/Director: Sergi Gvarjaladze
Artists: Nikakoi, TBA, Gogi.ge.org etc.
Duration: 52 min
File Under: Electronic Music
Label: komunikatori
Info: With a very old national culture of folk music, Georgia’s modern musicians have now started to create electronic music. Samplers of this kind of music first appeared here in the late 1980s. They began mostly with imitations of New Wave, New Romantics and the typical synthy sound of that time. The 90s then brought computers and the Internet and also the end of the Soviet Union (which Georgia was involved in). Since then, Georgian musicians have been using the opportunity to visit western countries. And so they bring new experiences and sounds home with them, as well as the technical know-how for making this kind of music. read more from the source...

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